NRCPD Registration contract

19 September 2017

Registration with NRCPD is by way of a contract which registrants enter into on paying the registration fee and joining the register. The contract between NRCPD and a registrant is terminated if the registrant fails to pay the annual renewal fee. At this point, under the existing contract, the individual is no longer subject to NRCPD's jurisdiction, and we cannot continue to investigate any outstanding complaint about an individual.

Our aim as a voluntary regulator is to act in the public interest, which includes investigating complaints about registrants when allegations are made that they are in breach of the Code of Conduct. We fail to meet that aim if we are unable to deal with outstanding complaints because an individual decides to leave the register. The Board has decided to amend the contract to enable it better to fulfill its role in protecting the public and to bring NRCPD into line with other regulators.

With effect from 1 October 2017 an additional clause will be included in the registration contract as follows:

9) I understand and agree that if a complaint or allegation has been received and an investigation is on-going into my fitness to practise, my name will be held to the register until such time as the complaints process has concluded, regardless as to whether I have paid my registration or renewal fee.

This will apply to all new registrations and registration renewals which are effective from 1 October 2017 and thereafter.

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