Guidance on d/Deaf People's Access to Healthcare and BSL Interpreting Provision during COVID-19.

08 June 2020

ASLI, and ASLI's Deaf Interpreter Network (DIN), Deaf Interpreter Network (DIN), The Royal Association for Deaf People, SignHealth and The British Society for Mental Health and Deafness collaborated together to produce medical guidance on d/Deaf people's access to healthcare and BSL interpreting provision during COVID-19. This guidance is separated into two documents covering the guidance for organisations when booking interpreters for d/Deaf people in healthcare settings and the guidance for communication professionals in healthcare settings. NRCPD, alongside WASLI, supported this too with contributions to the guidance. This includes references to the NRCPD Code of Conduct and our statement on COVID-19 Test and Trace confidentiality, as well as references to ensuring that the interpreter booked is NRCPD-registered, alongside examples of the relevant NRCPD badges.

For links to the guidance which can be found on ASLI's website, please see:

The Royal Association for Deaf People also produced an announcement BSL video for the above, which included captions too which can be found here:

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