NRCPD Survey for Registrants and Regulated Trainees

19 August 2020

NRCPD is looking ahead to how we improve the services we provide, the impact we make and to developing our strategic plan for the next few years. We do so in the wake of significant change and achievement but also in full recognition of the current challenging circumstances for language service professionals and for many of our partners and stakeholders. It's important for us that we know what you as a professional registered with us think, not just about our services now but also about how NRCPD's role as the regulator should develop for greater impact in the future.

So to help us with that, we have created a survey to give you the opportunity to tell us your views on some important topics around our services, role and the impact of Covid-19. You will be able to complete the survey in English through the survey software, or in BSL. From your responses we will identify key themes, issues and opportunities which will inform a report for trustees, to help NRCPD to decide future strategy and priorities as well as make operational improvements to what we do. We will publish on our website a summary of the outcome of the survey feedback we have received, with the actions we have taken or plan to take as a result, so you can see how we have taken your views into account.

This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. This is the first full NRCPD survey of registrants and trainees for many years and it is an opportunity to give us your feedback on a range of topics, so please take the time to complete it as each response is important to us. It does not have to be completed in one sitting; you can save at any point after you've started and return to it later. We suggest completing the survey using a device with a keyboard, as the open text answers are easier to respond to that way.

Please look out for the email which will contain your personalised link to the survey and more detailed instructions (please don't forward the email to anyone else). The email is entitled 'NRCPD Survey for Registrants and Regulated Trainees' and is sent to you, Wednesday August 19th 2020.

The survey is anonymous and we are asking that it is completed by 9:00am Friday, 11th September 2020.

You can do the survey in BSL. There is a link to the BSL video of the survey in the email you will receive as well as a BSL video of the email message itself. To give your answers in BSL, please book a VRS call to NRCPD ( in advance to arrange a specified date and time to complete the survey, and let the interpreter know you would like to remain anonymous before they connect with us. You then make a second VRS call with NRCPD at the booked time and date to complete the survey. NRCPD staff will then complete a survey form on the call recording the answers from the interpreter.

Please feel free to contact us at or via a VRS call if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your participation!


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