Practice Guidance Review Report

14 January 2022

Dear Registrants and Regulated Trainees,

The NRCPD Strategy states our commitment to strengthening regulation and developing the professions. The Code of Conduct, practice restrictions and CPD requirements go some way to providing a foundation for professional assurance. However, without cohesive guidance, there may be uncertainty amongst regulated professionals that they are interpreting the standards faithfully. There may also be ambiguity amongst the d/Deaf and deafblind community about what they should expect from regulated professionals.

Therefore, the NRCPD undertook a Practice Guidance Review. The purpose of the review was to fully understand the current landscape of supportive guidance and understand where further development was required.

Consideration was given to the following:

  • Current NRCPD guidance, including the Code of Conduct, guidance and practice restrictions for TSLIs.
  • Published guidance provided by Professional Associations.
  • Dialogue with representatives from Professional Associations, Deaf Organisations and Specialist Agencies.
  • A short survey for Registrants and Regulated Trainees.

Review Recommendations

The Review makes the following recommendations:

1. Clear guidance to be developed for the support of regulated trainees and endorsing supervisors.

2. Clear guidance defining the practice and development parameters of the first one to three years, post-qualification.

3. The development of clear underpinning guidance and standards for relevant CPD to support safe, inclusive practice and professional decision making.

Initial guidance to be developed to address the following areas:

  • Health and Professional Safety
  • Equality, Inclusion and cultural brokering
  • Safeguarding.

4. The development of clear guidance on recommended CPD and reference to Best Practice Guidance to support the interpretation of standards.

5. Consideration to be given to the development of Professional Specialisms and associated endorsed training.

The results of this review acknowledged the excellent guidance available within regulated professions. It is imperative that, as a regulatory body, the guidance we develop does not undermine current, relevant guidance, but rather complements and reinforces what already exists.

We are committed to providing guidance that truly scaffolds the development of professional skills and the application of professional knowledge. As such, we will continue to collaborate with Professional Associations, Deaf Organisations and registered professionals ensuring that guidance produced is robust, supportive and applicable in practice.

With many thanks,


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