New Fitness to Practice Procedure: Consultation

15 July 2022

Following our previous statements on this topic, we have now published the draft version of our revised NRCPD Fitness to Practice Procedure (renamed from 'Complaints Process'), and also an amended Code of Conduct, for public consultation. The consultation period runs from Friday 15th July until noon on Monday 22nd August 2022.

To increase the number of ways people can provide feedback to us, and to give an opportunity for us to answer queries from people, we will host a programme of public consultation events held on Zoom throughout this period.

Along with the revised procedure and Code, we have produced a guide to the consultation to introduce you to the procedure, an overview of the key changes implemented and how the document is structured.

The guide also includes the ways in which you can provide feedback, but briefly they are:

We very much look forward to your constructive input.

After reviewing your feedback and implementing the necessary changes, we will finalise and roll out the new procedure with our aim being for this to be in the early Autumn. The exact date depends on the post-consultation changes we need to make.

All the consultation materials including the Consultation Guide, the Events Schedule, and the revised Fitness to Practice Procedure and Code of Conduct can be accessed in BSL and in English via this link:

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via VRS in BSL or via email at:

With thanks,

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