Access to Work: checking qualifications

19 August 2014

NRCPD has been told Access to Work advisers are asking to see the qualifications of communication professionals. In particular, they are asking for confirmation they have a level 6 qualification.

As well as being an unnecessary administrative burden, not all registrants have a level 6 qualification. That may be because they registered when a level 6 qualification wasn't required. Or it may be because a level 6 qualification isn't required for that register.

We have explained this to Access to Work. We have also said there is no need to check the qualifications of NRCPD registered communication professionals. Their fitness to practise is guaranteed by their registration.

If an adviser asks to see your qualifications or the qualifications of a communication professional you are supplying, please feel free to use this template letter. The main content is also below.

What registration means

If a communication professional is registered with NRCPD it means they

The level of qualification required for registration is different for each Register. They vary between level 3 and level 6. For some professions level 3 is the highest qualification available.

Also, some communication professionals have been registered for a long time. At the time of registration the specific qualification required may have been different.

But NRCPD registration guarantees the registrant has met the minimum requirement to practise. Proof of NRCPD registration therefore negates the need for you to check the qualifications of a communication professional.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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