NRCPD Updates for April 2020

Online Platforms and Confidentiality Under the NRCPD Code: Guidance for Registrants and Trainees.

29 April 2020

This guidance was updated on Wed 29 April to make it clearer that NRCPD is not recommending any particular software or platform over any other. Those listed are given as examples.

Stewart Simpson OBE

28 April 2020

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Stewart Simpson OBE. As the Chief Executive of CACDP until 1999 he was a driving force behind...

Registration Changes During COVID-19 Pandemic: Flexibility Reminder

23 April 2020

We recognised in March that the COVID-19 pandemic would put financial pressures on many of our registrants and trainees. On 27 March, we announced some measures that would help anyone finding it hard to pay registration fees on time as a result. They include the ability to...

CPD Policy updates for NRCPD Registrants

20 April 2020

NRCPD are delighted to formally announce a newly improved CPD policy for you from November 2020. This update to the policy means that you have a lot more flexibility with your CPD, and comes after much planning and taking note of essential feedback, whilst working with key representatives from professional associations in the sector. Recommendations for improvement were put to the NRCPD Board in November 2019 and were subsequently approved.

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