NRCPD Updates for June 2020

The NRCPD Commitment to tackle Racism, Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment in the conduct of professionals.

29 June 2020

NRCPD is determined that we do everything we can to tackle all forms of racism, discrimination, bullying and harassment in registrants' professional conduct so we can maintain public trust and confidence in the professions we regulate.

NRCPD Video Relay Service with SignVideo

23 June 2020

Anyone can now get in touch with NRCPD using British Sign Language (BSL). We provide instant access to a Registered British Sign Language Interpreter through SignVideo's Video Relay Service (VRS). This service is free for you to use, as well as being simple, fast and secure.

Guidance on d/Deaf People's Access to Healthcare and BSL Interpreting Provision during COVID-19.

08 June 2020

ASLI, and ASLI's Deaf Interpreter Network (DIN), The Royal Association for Deaf People, SignHealth and The British Society for Mental Health and Deafness collaborated together to produce medical guidance on d/Deaf people's access to healthcare and BSL interpreting provision during COVID-19.

Improved CPD Policy from November 2020.

01 June 2020

NRCPD emailed you in April to formally announce an improved CPD policy for you from November 2020. This update to the policy means that you will have more flexibility with your CPD.

Please check your email details are correct.

01 June 2020

We would like to remind you that it is important to ensure that your email address with NRCPD is up to date.

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