Strategic Plan 2021-2023

19 April 2021

NRCPD are delighted to announce our new strategy 'Strategic Foundations', to take us into 2023. We have refreshed the vision of what we want to see in the future. We have set ourselves five strategic aims which are each essential to our charitable purpose: promotion of standards of professional practice, and making a difference to the issues faced by d/Deaf* and deafblind people.

Our strategy has been informed by our engagement with d/Deaf* and deafblind people, professional associations, our registrants and many others, and the things many of you feel are important in shaping the future of the NRCPD. We have considered the regulatory environment, how Covid-19 has affected practice and the changing priorities of UK Government and public services.

It is an exciting step forward for NRCPD and we are looking forward to embarking on this in partnership with others. We are determined to play our part in achieving full inclusion for d/Deaf* and deafblind people in the UK and to do so together.

To view the strategy as a PDF document, please see:

To view the strategy in British Sign Language, please see:

To view the strategy in British Sign Language, there is a QR code on the front and back pages of the strategy's PDF document. You can scan this QR code using your mobile phone's camera and it will then bring up a URL that contains the British Sign Language translation video of the strategy.

A print-friendly version is available at:

If you have any queries about our new strategy, you can get in touch with us at:, via VRS at: or via our social media channels.

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